Remote control

The remote control supplied with stoves and fireplaces allows simple and functional remote control of the product. It is possible to use it as a real traditional thermostat, since it is equipped with a probe to measure the room temperature.

Dedicated product line

Montegan stoves and fireplaces are exclusively dedicated to selected retailers specialized in the sale of products with high added value positioned on a medium-high market range.

Set up the Wi-Fi App

The Montegan application, for both smartphones and tablets, communicates in real time with our products, enabling convenient mon-itoring and simple management even when you are away from home. The Wi-Fi module allows you to turn the product on and off. Increase and decrease power and ambient temperature. Set the timer-thermostat and view the status of the product.

Prompt delivery

All Montegan products are made on dedicated production lines. This production choice guarantees, except for extraordinary events, prompt delivery to our official partners.

A 100% Italian range

Pellet stoves made in Italy

All Montegan products are designed, engineered, assembled and tested in Italy. Each stove is made by expert technicians at the modern company factories located at the foot of the Venetian Pre-Alps, along the Monticano river.
Montegan products fall within the environmental classification D.M. 186 and Ecodesign 2022 (EU Regula-tion 2015/1189) therefore de-signed to comply with the most restrictive environ-mental regulations in force in Italy and in Europe.
Each product is an expression of our “Made in Italy” know-how, which distinguishes us in the whole world for our inventive ability, design and care for the environment.